Retiring Soon?

Thinking about retirement and looking for information? click Retirement information can be found here Enrollment form can be found here... Read more


Please remember during this New York on Pause time; *Practice Social Distancing at all times. Don’t gather in groups. *Don’t panic, don’t hoard. The supply chain is intact and will not run out. *Remember to wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. *Have a four week supply of prescription and over the counter medications on hand if possible. *Check in with your... Read more

Important health insurance information

JUST A REMINDER To retirees who have the state health insurance plan, you may be seeing a lot of material for Medicare Supplemental or Advantage Plans. It is now open enrollment time, that allows people to switch plans. DO NOT TAKE one of these plans. If you do you will permanently lose your NYS health insurance... Read more


Recently there have been some changes to our PEF Retiree Membership rules and regulations. First the PEF Retiree Executive Board has decided to no longer allow people who were not yet retired to be members of the PEF Retirees. This was brought about because of the Janus v. AFSCME decision by the United States Supreme Court. This decision allows people in the N.Y. State... Read more