March 04 2019 Meeting for Chapter 8

March 2019 Meeting If weather conditions become a concern, we will make the decision to cancel the meeting by 10:30AM the day of the meeting. If either North Colonie or South Colonie schools are delayed or closed we will automatically cancel the meeting. If you are still unsure and want to verify please contact PEF HQ’s after 10:30 AM at 518-785-1900 and ask the... Read more


We apologize for the confusion regarding the increase in health insurance copays outlined in the recent e-Communicator article. PEF Retirees along with PEF and other organizations advocate for Retiree issues. Unfortunately, the State can change the Empire Plan copays for retirees without our consent. We will continue to advocate for everything that we think that we should receive, but we have little leverage... Read more