Recently there have been some changes to our PEF Retiree Membership rules and regulations.

First the PEF Retiree Executive Board has decided to no longer allow people who were not yet retired to be members of the PEF Retirees.

This was brought about because of the Janus v. AFSCME decision by the United States Supreme Court. This decision allows people in the N.Y. State Professional, Scientific and Technical (P, S & T) bargaining unit, which are represented by PEF, to not have to pay dues but still be able to receive benefits bargained for by PEF. The previous rule allowing active members to also be a PEF Retiree would have allowed members of the P, S & T bargaining unit to drop their PEF membership but still receive PEF Membership Benefits.

The other PEF Retiree membership change was made by the PEF Membership Benefit Trustees. The Trustees voted to no longer allow people who were never PEF members to receive PEF Membership Benefits.

PEF Retirees that were never PEF members will no longer be able to get discounted movie tickets, gift cards, theme parks, sporting event discounts, etc. All PEF Retirees will be able to come to Retiree meetings and parties for the comradery and purchase discounted Retiree Vision and Dental Plans, along with Auto/Home/Renters Insurance the Voluntary Legal Service Plan, and MBP Regional Vendor Discounts

PEF Retirees, PEF Membership Benefits and PEF itself are all separately governed organizations with different rules and operating under different State and Federal regulations.