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Please remember during this New York on Pause time;

*Practice Social Distancing at all times. Don’t gather in groups.

*Don’t panic, don’t hoard. The supply chain is intact and will not run out. *Remember to wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

*Have a four week supply of prescription and over the counter medications on hand if possible.

*Check in with your loved ones and friends often. Use the telephone, email, mail letters or cards, text message, video chat, or use social media to make sure your loved ones and friends are safe.

Because of federal budget cuts we were not prepared for this Pandemic. Because large Corporations moved manufacturing to China there is a severe shortage of Personnel Protection Equipment for our heroes in health care.

Stay Safe, Stay Informed and help one another “Together we are Stronger”

In Solidarity.
Jim Carr
Statewide President