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President: Angel Cook

Vice President:

Treasurer: Walt Chaffee

Secretary: Carol Dolan

Meeting Minutes

Dear Brothers and Sisters;
We hope you are all well and healthy. We are unable to locate a venue to accomodate PEF Retiree membership because most facilities are not open to eat in and only provide meals through takeout. Due to the restrictions for containment of the coronavirus,
Region 3 PEF Retirees are cancelling the spring meeting that was to be held on May 20, 2020.

We are preparing to hold the Summer Retiree Picnic at Robert”s Cabin in Henrietta Veterans’ Memorial Park on August 20, 2020 with the food catered by D&R Depot Restaurant and Catering. We hope that our country will be somewhat back to normal and hope to see everyone there well and healthy,

Angel Cook

Proposed changes to Chapter 3 PEF Retiree Constitution: May, 2019

For the past several meetings we have briefly discussed the necessity of amending our constitution to reflect both the changes requested by the PEF Retirees Statewide Executive Board and the changing nature of how our chapter operates. In our digital age, we do more of our business by e-mail and online communication than by paper and face to face meetings. We are recommending the following changes:

Article I – Name (slight rewording)
This organization shall be known as the Chapter 3 New York State Retirees – Public Employees Federation (An affiliate self-governing body of the NYS Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO).

Article II – Mission and Objectives (changed to be more extensive and reflect central PEF model)
A. Mission
The mission is to provide a venue for social interaction and political activity in furtherance of the well being of the members. To support this mission, the PEF Retirees will: Provide necessary, high quality membership benefits at the lowest possible cost; Identify critical issues on both the federal and state levels that may impact the pension and health care security of the members; Educate members about critical issues and other issues which will enhance their retirement; Advocate and lobby on behalf of the members, for pension, health care, and economic security enhancement; Work for the election of candidates endorsed by PEF and the PEF Retirees and cooperate with the Regional PACs to support local candidates; Coordinate with other organizations throughout New York State to further the aims of the PEF Retirees.

B. Objectives
1. To Promote the welfare of members with respect to the terms and conditions of retirement including, but not limited to securing optimum benefits such as (a) automatic cost of living adjustments; (b) health insurance; (c) death benefits; (d) social security; (e) Medicare; and (f) Medicaid.
2. To cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives.
3. To see legislation favorable to retirees.
4. To inform members regarding concerns related to their welfare.
5. To consider matters of concern to members.

Remove Article III Affiliations, as now included in name.

Article III – Membership (formerly article iv) (changed to reflect additions of non-NY employers and all retirees, not just from ERS. Sentence permitting individuals membership who are within 5 years of retirement is removed, per action taken by the Retirees Executive Board)
Membership shall be open to all those retirees of public service in New York State and those retirees of non-New York employers in units represented by PEF. The spouse or domestic partner of a current or deceased retiree member is eligible for membership in the PEF retirees
Article IV – Officers (formerly article v)
A. (no change)
B. Duties
President 1 through 10, remain the same.
(add) 11. Be the PEF representative to the Genesee Valley and Greater Rochester AFL-CIO
Labor Council’s Retirees Board.

Vice-President/Treasurer (similar to what we have now, but Treasurer no longer collects dues or keeps membership lists. PEF central is more involved in monitoring finances.)
1. Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.
2. Perform duties delegated by the President and the Executive Board.
3. Account for all income and disbursements and any property owned by the Chapter.
4. Make a report of all transactions (Treasure’s Report) at each membership and Executive Board meeting.
5. Prepare an annual budget for approval by the membership.

Secretary ( changed to reflect PEF central assuming responsibility for minutes online and membership lists.)
1. Record and keep the minutes of all regular and executive Board meetings.
2. Assure that the minutes of all membership meetings shall be maintained at the Regional Office and available online on the PEF Retirees website.
3. Coordinate with the PEF Retiree Office for timely notices of all Chapter meetings.
4. Provide updates to the PEF Retiree Office to help keep the membership list current.

Article V – Executive Board (formerly article vi)
A. Composition (same)
B. Powers and Duties
1. Adopt the agenda for each meeting.
2. Implement the actions determined by the members at membership meetings.
3. Recommend a legislative program at regular meetings for submission to the State Retirees Executive Board.
4. Interpret the Constitution.
5. Provide for implementation of procedures for Special Elections to fill all Officer vacancies as may occur.
6. Forward the approved budget to the PEF State Retirees Office.
7. Communicate among members by text, e-mail, or phone on a regular basis and hold meetings when necessary.
8. Outgoing Officers shall assist in the transition of new officers to the best of their ability.

Article VI – Nomination and Election of Officers (formerly article vii)
A. Nominations (no change)
B. Elections (no change in number 1, 2, 3)
4. Each candidate, or one surrogate, may speak up to two minutes in support of his/her candidacy.
5. If there is more than one candidate for an office, voting will be by a secret written ballot.

C. Term of Office (was article viii, but no change in content)

Article VII – Removal of Officers for Cause (not in model constitution, but we recommend leaving it in, was article x)

Article IX – Dues (no changes, was article x)

Article X – Regular Meetings (only change is adding Robert’s Rules, which was a separate article xiv)
1 through 5 the same, number 6, change article number for requirements for amendments.
7. All meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article IX – Amendments (was article xii, no change recommended)